Thinking / Threat modeling

There are many ways threats can affect your use of control systems, be they embedded medical devices or whole-building facility-related control systems. We help you to identify and rate the threats that apply to your organization specifically, so that you know which ones have the greatest impact or are the most likely to materialize. A threat cannot be controlled: nobody can stop an unknown hacker from trying to break in, for example. Instead, we work with you to reinforce your cybersecurity by reducing your vulnerability or the impact associated with the threat.

Our structured approach means we target the most important areas first, instead of trying to cover all threats of any kind or applying security measures at random. We work with you to establish what you need to protect as a priority, and from which entities or persons. By understanding the levels of risk in terms of vulnerabilities and impact on your organization, we establish a list of threats with you that you can address in advance. Our threat modeling service for you is not only about finding threats, but also about mapping out the route towards mitigating them.