Thinking / Policy, standard, guideline and procedure development

Your organization and the people in it need clear directions about how to use facility-related control systems (FRCS) or medical systems with embedded computers securely. Those directions must be simple to follow, yet contain enough information to cover requirements for safe everyday use. They must also be anchored in good practice.

We team with you to make this happen. With our knowledge and expertise, we help you create cybersecurity policies that define how your organization wants to protect these digital assets. We advise on the application of relevant standards and compliance with regulations. Where guidelines are needed for the implementation of cybersecurity policies, we assist you in writing them, as well as any procedures to be followed for secure, everyday use.

As the Internet of Things evolves, as computer systems are integrated into smart devices, be they medical, building systems, or manufacturing, we work with you to keep your policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures aligned. We also make sure that the practical realities such as user authentication via smartcards or biometric data, and validated system software and firmware updates keep pace with developments.