Facility-Related Control System and medical environments can be challenging for cybersecurity. For instance, because patients need open access to facilities, this can in turn create vulnerabilities to attacks on wireless networks used to connect medical equipment, facility-related control systems, and IT servers.

Medical devices may be limited in the cybersecurity they offer. A report from the Department of Homeland Security’s Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security Emergency Response Team found that hundreds of medical devices were vulnerable to attack because they used hardcoded passwords for technician access. Elsewhere, outdated, no longer supported software means additional risk, such as the use of Windows XP to run devices like blood gas analyzers, radiological machines, HVAC, and building automation systems.

We work with you to improve your everyday FRCS and medical device cybersecurity. By building an inventory of these assets, we can evaluate current capabilities through penetration tests, vulnerability tests, and gap assessment, to make suitable recommendations. Incident response provides rapid and effective action when incidents arise.