Doing / Incident Response

While prevention is a key aspect of cybersecurity, responding to incidents, whether attempted attacks or actual breaches, is just as important. Incidents must be corrected in a timely way. Attacks must be contained immediately, pending remediation and recovery. Threats and vulnerabilities associated with incidents must be mitigated or eliminated without delay. Our incident responders work with your organization to carry out actions as needed and to help you continually improve your cyber security effectiveness.

In addition to our technical expertise in handling incidents, we also provide expert advice on how to communicate information on an incident, both internally and externally, to avoid negative reputational impact and satisfy regulatory requirements. Our team members work with your security and public relations departments to coordinate these different activities.

We can also evaluate your current ability to respond to incidents and offer advice on accelerating the time to resolution and improving response quality. This includes changes to procedures, use of cybersecurity tools, and public relations and communication to reassure patients, staff, and any other persons or entities concerned by the incident.